Apple’s Boast Of Having a Device That Can Kill PCs and Laptops

Thought it was on September Apple unveiled their latest iPad Pro, and the device was scheduled to go on sale from November, from all i know there is no doubt that the company has very high expectations for what they calls their largest and most productive iPad to date. Not minding some users accusing them (Apple) of
copying Microsoft's example, which invested millions in a table that can easily double as a laptop, well Apple
said that the iPad Pro is actually a worthy replacement or the traditional PC and laptop since it can do pretty much the best of both worlds.

In-fact a report from The Telegraph, quote Apple's CEO Tim Cook says almost the same thing as Microsoft's former CEO Steve Ballmer did in 2012, when Redmond introduced the original Surface RT tablet: the iPad Pro which has its own detachable keyboard and support for pen, can now replace your laptop.

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The question remain, while buying laptop again when the iPad Pro is a replacement for a notebook or a desktop for many users. Apple CEO even said after using the iPad
Pro, users will conclude they no longer need to use anything else, other than their phones, we are yet to confirm how true is that going to be, time will tell.

Well to say the least but not the last, inasmuch as while this might sound very familiar to Microsoft enthusiasts, there's also the other side of the story. To every coin as we know have two side. If the iPad Pro can indeed replace a laptop or even PC as they claim (although the obvious limitations of iOS, the lack of mouse support, and even the screen size don't recommend it as an alternative), which i believe will basically impact the sales of Apple's own devices.

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But one thing is clear here, which is there's no doubt that competition in this side of the business is increased, and i can authoritatively  announce to Microsoft and other companies also that they has just got the best rival ever.

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