Get Lumia 950 On AT&T This November For Just $150 On 2-Year Contract

Although some time ago rumors pointed at a possible release of the Lumia 950 at AT&T on November 20. Well today the US- based carrier confirmed the Windows 10 smartphone would be available for purchase through its official retail channels beginning this week. In-fact from 17 of November customers will be able to
grab the AT&T Lumia 950 but is only via the carrier's online store. Though you can still get it from their
(AT&T's) brick and mortal stores that is if you can wait till 20 of November. And for the next 24 months you can get the device their for just $24.96 or $19.97 for 30 months and $29.95 for 20 months.

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And above all AT&T made this special for everybody with just $150 on two-year agreement you can also get Lumia 950. Nevertheless the carrier did not offer any details regrading on the phone's outright price, though some said it might go around $600. To make sure everybody has a story to tell AT&T promise's that for a limited time customers who
purchase the device from them will also be eligible to buy a Surface 3 for only $400, Unbelievable but that is the true situation now.

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As you know Windows 10  and all-new Microsoft Edge browser works together to maximize your productivity. The Lumia 950's PC-like capability enables you to get things done faster and even more efficiently, even when you are on the go. AT&T are yet to mention if there's any free accessories that would go in the sales package, which i believe they still have enough time to clarify the information.

Remember you can still pre-order Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL in the US via Microsoft Store but their price is likely going to be different. Customers who buys the device in the  US via Lumia Offer app between November 25-31 will receive a free continuum dock, which they can get frrom Microsoft Store by Feb, 2016. But if you are in Nigeria Jumia and Konga can also save you that stress and resources.

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