iPhone 7 Plus On Its Way With 3GB Of RAM In September 2016

It was just last month the new iPhone 6s and 6s plus was both launched, but since we are all aware of how competitive the phone market is, Apple is already looking at the next-generation phone, and those who are close monitoring the situation have come out to tell us more especially the iFans across the world what to expect from the latest product.

From what they said, the new iPhone 7 plus is likely to be more bigger model which i believe is part of the revamped iPhone lineup, which include also hardware upgrades that should at least make it even faster than the current versions. One of the feature hardware upgrade is the 3GB of RAM coupled with a complete new chip that they currently referred to as A10.

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Although if you ask me honestly i personal don't think there's anything too surprising here given the fact that is now Apple tradition to use new chip for every new generation, but it's confirmation that the  company is only trying to bring the upcoming iPhone closer to its rival especially in terms of hardware specs. Another thing they mentioned that will be change is the design, the company said they are trying to make the iPhone 7 the
thinnest they have ever created.

Which could be only 6mm thin, which if you ask me is quite a big difference when compare with iPhone 6s Plus, which measures 7.3 mm. Again they said the phone is going to be launch on September  2016, which means that the company is very committed to its very habit of bringing new versions to the market on the same month every year.

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Please bear in mind that this very info is still in the rumor stage for the time being kindly take them with a healthy pinch of salt until more confirmation arrives. which i believe is likely not going to happen soon, but until its happens stay tune.

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