Look Out This Week As Microsoft Announces New Windows 10 Builds


The head of Microsoft's Windows Insider program, Aul Gabriel, has indeed confirmed on Twitter that the company is already testing some very good release candidates for Windows 10. He said that the developing team is possibly looking at this week to launch the new updates. Although he didn't said if the update was for
PCs or mobile, but we believe the company is likely targeting both platforms, something they have been
doing for a while now developing of the two simultaneously.

Inasmuch as details are very vague right, but also it's possible that these new builds prepared by Microsoft for the Windows Insider program may actually be the final versions of Windows 10 Threshold 2, While we wait for the next big update for RTM users coming this month also. In-fact one of their engineer confirm that Threshold 2 is going to be launch on November 10 which kind of make sense, given the fact that this is also the same date Microsoft is set to release this month's Patch.

Both updates and improvement for its operating system. If you have been following their news the Threshold 2 was projected to launch in the early November, but along the line they said they wanted insiders to try it out first,that was the reason they decided to hold back the release for a few more days.  If what they actually said is true then this Threshold 2 could be the very one everyone's has been expecting.

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The change will include colored title bars, a messaging app with Skype integration, new Edge feature, and also some improvement to the Start menu will likely refine the overall experience on the desktop.
While the Threshold 2 will be ship as a cumulative update, is your duty to look fr it in the window Update once the company(Microsoft) start rolling it out.

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