A Look At The Apple Ultra-Low Travel Keyboard With 3D Touch

Guest no dull moment with Apple company, even as they are betting big on 3D Touch, that's currently available on several of its devices, both iPhone and Watch, yet again the company is also looking into ways to capitalize on its potential with implementation into more future devices. And one of them been the
keyboard which from what they said might receive the 3D Touch implement in the nearest future.

A report from PatentlyApple stated that Apple was granted another patent this week that allows for the creation of what they called an Ultra-low travel keyboard with 3D touch functionality. First i personal think Apple might be working to use its existing keyboard, which already employs a low-travel key mechanism, to enable them to create a more advanced version that would also integrate pressure-sensitive tech to perform a wider variety of tasks without the addition of new buttons or new tech. 

From one of the graphic i saw Apple included in the patent description, the new keyboard would come with a specific force sensor at the bottom of each key to enable them calculate the pressure that users create when pressing a button more especial when they are using it to type. This will enable them access certain tasks that can be performed more quickly, like formatting texts, or launching specific applications by simply pressing a key or much harder than you may normally do. 

For example just like on iPhones, where 3D Touch uses sensors to determine different pressure levels to bring up more options on the touch-capable screen, talk of the quick mail settings, Safari features, and camera options. Also the very same feature can also be used for a wider array of actions, like creating digital  scales with a 1-3grams accuracy error, 

although for now i believe Apple are not ready on allowing developers to know much about this side of the tech. Inasmuch as Apple hasn't obviously commented on such a product, but from all indication the keyboard could hit the market around next year and will be ship with the new iMacs. Guest Apple are trying to set a standard that others should follow.

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