Just Can Stop Laughing Facebook Afraid Of One Competitor tsu.co

Competition everywhere and finally one of our giant social network platform Facebook are now feeling the heat. have you visited Facebook lately? well if you haven't anytime you do try and send someone a tus.co link, or simply share it on your timeline, and i bet you'll have the unpleasant surprise of getting an error message. Though this is not new, the fact that Facebook has been banning some domains over the years.

Back then the simple excuse their engineers normally give to justify their action was that most of the domains
are scam, spam, or even fraud. But from what we are observing now am sorry to conclude that such explanation does not justify the action in this particular case. First i believe the reason is just that tsu.co is the domain of the Tsu social network, a new launched website that operate the same way Facebook, MySpace and other social media sites, though with a twist.

In-fact from what i learn, instead of letting users interact with each other and capitalizing on its success by kind of showing ads or promoting content like Facebook, Tsu choose to keep only 10% of the revenue and share the rest to its users. And indeed the the launch idea has really paid off, in-fact within six months over 3.5 million people registered on Tsu more any social media platform has ever got within the same period.

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Facebook though have come out to proclaim it again, that they don't allow developers to incentivize content sharing on their platform reason that such actions encourages spammy sharing. But common we are no more kids, it's easy to read between the lines. We all knows that they are just afraid and that fear believe me will soon land them to even bigger trouble.

The issue of sabotaging your competitors is what initially got Microsoft in trouble with Netscape. And even our mighty search engine Google is equally going through the same sanction. Tsu indeed have come to stay but of how long is what we can tell now but i wish they stay long after all who is not interested in their money sharing power. 

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