New Business Phone From Microsoft To Be Release In 2016

Not long ago they (Microsoft) launched its flagship smartphone, the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL the company is now focusing on the Windows 10 Mobile, wish i believe should happen very soon. However, from what they are say is very clear that the company (Microsoft) has even bigger plans for next year. In-fact
i believe by now most of their fans probably knows that a Surface Phone is in the works and might even hit
shelves in the first quarter of next year. Many of their officials have also hint at such a device, but they also say that nothing is certain and that the company is even exploring all options.

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The company promise to bring many productivity features into the Surface Phone, which is why i believe it was the reason why the device well sell as a ''business phone.'' From the clue they gave us about the existence of the smartphone. Meaning if the Surface Phone won't be enough to increase Windows Phone's market share.

Microsoft will be left with no other choice than to look for a strategy or plan on how they might enhance the
OS's relevance in the mobile space. But if at the end of the day the mobility of the experience is important, then they will probably be in that segment, in the phone,which we all knows is a premium in the business segment.

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And i believe is because of  beautiful experiences that they were able to gathered from the sells of Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL that gives them the insight to build something greater. Time will tell of what the features of these device is until then i do my best to keep you update.

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