24K Gold-Plated BlackBerry PRIV Has Been Launched For Just $1,300

If you you can still remember the last gold-plated Blackberry smartphone launched on the market was actually the Passport Limited Edition, which at that time sells for $999. Well from today you can now order the newest gold-plated Blackberry PRIV. The well known Vietnamese company Karalux, that specialized in
gold-plated device, has officially announced the 24K gold-plated Blackberry PRIV. Though for now the

phone is only available for purchase in Vietnam for no less than $1,100 outright. Though they promise to make it available internationally in no distance time, but of course customers may have to pay more for the device and the gold-plating service.

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So long as you are not living in Vietnam, dear you are likely to pay around $1,500 for the device and related services, unless you have somebody who is living there or going there for one business or another. But less i forget if peradventure you own the PRIV and only wish it to be gold-plated, you will only be required to pay $355 for this service.

Or higher, that is if you live in a country other than Vietnam. But the standard version of Blackberry PRIV of course will be launch on December 5, which i believe also is likely the same date when the gold-plated version will be made available for purchase. Indeed Karalux has a Blackberry Priv to conduct gilding and introduce to technology lovers and indeed BlackBerry fans.

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Unlike the previous generations, though it is a little bit more difficult to disassemble BB Priv. The company (Karalux) engineers explain that it took the nearly 2 hours to 'operate' its details, and another 4 more hours with more than 10 different procedures to complete the first gold-plated BB-PRIV in Vietnam.

Aside from the fact that it's gold-plated, Karalux's BB-PRIV comes with the same specs as the standard model. Inasmuch as we all agree that the BB-PRIV seem to bean interesting smartphone, personal the 24K gold-plated version does not seem to be worth such a high amount of money if you ask me. 

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