You Can Now Download Action Launcher 3 for Android Updated with Marshmallow Icon Pack For Free Here


Well in-case you don't know one of the popular Android launcher available in Google Play Store, Action Launcher 3, has just has been updated , that brings lots of new features and also improvements. But most of the improvement are related to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, so those who haven't upgraded to the new
version of the OS will be able to take full advantage of all these enhancements to get used to the new
features included in Marshmallow. And one of the major new features implemented in this update is Quickedit, a menu that allows you to quickly uninstall, edit labels, or even find app info.

Apart from that, developer have also confirmed they have added support for Marshmallow's permission system. Smartsize icons is another new feature announced by developers, even though it's only available in a beta form. With this new feature, icon will be automatically re-sized to fit in the Material Design icon grid.

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Also a bundled Marshmallow icon pack has been added too, which i believe should come in handy to those who own non-Nexus devices. The very official change-log also mentions developers have done a complete overhaul of the icon picker and included a new image crop functionality.

Indeed developers have also confirmed they have added bundled Google Calendar icons that display the correct day for each day of the month. Of course there's also a new Supporter pack that is now available, which allows user who bought the application a long time back the option to make another purchase if you so wish.

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And before i forget developers also announced that the free version of Action Launcher 3 can now apply icon packs and that lots of bug fixes have been also implemented. If you are interested you can CLICK HERE to download the free version via Google Play Store.

Of course i believe the application should be fully compatible with all devices running at least Android 4.1 and up. Well what more are you waiting for is time you stay up-to-date  with your device enjoy.

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