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I believe Apple’s expected to take the wraps off the new iPhone 7 in September, and at this point, there are plenty of rumors hinting at more or less significant upgrades planned for the device. This article presents the most likely of them, along with the chances to see them happening on the next iPhone.

The iPhone 7 is considered to be Apple’s big chance to get back on the right track, as the company’s shares are collapsing while the flagship device has recorded the first decline since launch.
Scheduled to go live in September, the next iPhone will undoubtedly bring several hardware upgrades, as is the case with every new model, but also some changes in terms of looks, although reports in this regard are still mixed on whether Apple is ready to go for a big overhaul.
We’ll detail the most important features of the phone in this article, so check out the summary below to see what’s more or less likely to happen on the iPhone 7.

First and foremost, the iPhone 7 is very likely to look just like the current generation. Existing leaks have pointed to a design similar to the 6s, with just two notable changes: the camera will be moved slightly closer to the side of the phone and is likely to be bigger while the back antenna lines will be placed on the edges for a cleaner look.

Does that make a big difference? Certainly not, and it’s hard to believe that Apple can go away that easily since the iPhone 7 is supposed to be a completely new generation. What’s more, it makes it impossible to use the same cases as on the 6s since the camera has a new position, despite the fact that, in terms of design, the old and new models will be 99 percent similar.

Dimensions are very likely to be the same as those of the 6s, although there are people who claim that the iPhone 7 could be thinner. If this is a plan, do not expect a significant difference anyway.
The same display will be used, so the iPhone 7 will stick to LCD, as the switch to OLED isn’t planned to happen sooner than 2017 at the earliest. This means the same formed factor will be used, so it won’t go for the curved approach seen on the Samsung Galaxy S7, for example.
Probably the same materials will be used, so expect aluminum to be there too. Most likely, Apple will make it a little bit more durable too.

Just like every new iPhone, the seventh generation will come with hardware upgrades too, and the CPU and RAM are two of the sides that are likely to be improved
Without a doubt, the iPhone 7 will come with the A10 and M10 processors, completely new for this generation, which should provide additional processing power and be optimized for longer battery life and reduced power consumption.

At the same time, it’s also possible to see 3GB of RAM installed on the iPhone 7, although this is still unsure. There were sources saying that 3GB of RAM could only debut on the 2017 iPhone, so there are 50-50 chances for Apple to go either for the same amount as on the iPhone 6s or to add an extra of 1GB.

Other hardware
Apple is also expected to improve the fingerprint sensor and make Touch ID even faster than it currently is on the 6s. One possible way to make the sensor more advanced is to work with a wet or dirty finger too, as high-end devices running Android can already do that. Bigger accuracy is likely to be offered.
There are reports claiming that Apple is also planning a major overhaul with all-screen front design that would incorporate the fingerprint sensor, but this is only rumored to happen in 2017.

Leaks whose legitimacy could not be confirmed pointed to a Smart Connector installed on some models and allowing the connection of keyboards and external batteries, but we’re hearing that Apple is still debating whether to offer this feature right now or on the next-next iPhone.
The audio jack is also expected to go away and be replaced with an all-purpose Lightning connector, but this change is still unconfirmed.

This is the category comprising most of the rumors. While Apple is expected to improve the battery, the real debate concerns a potential dual-camera system that might be offered on the iPhone 7.
Already available on some Android models, a dual camera could help the iPhone 7 improve photo quality, with better focus or even other features (depending on the purpose that Apple is aiming for), but reports in this regard are still contradictory.

Some pundits claim that the iPhone 7 will come with a slightly improved camera while others say that dual camera can be offered at least on the Plus model. A number of leaks allegedly showed this dual camera system on the iPhone 7, but sources told us that none of them was real.
So most likely, the iPhone 7 will feature the same camera system as on the 6s, probably with an enhanced sensor and software optimization system for improved quality. The dual camera is more likely to arrive on the 2017 model.

The upcoming iPhone 7 will certainly debut with the same 4.7-inch version that continues to be the best-selling model in the whole series, but as far as the bigger one is concerned, there are also some contradictory rumors here too.

Although sources have told us that there are “99 percent chances the Plus will be there,” there are some voices claiming that Apple is also pondering the introduction of a Pro model. This would be the biggest iPhone to date and would feature exclusive functionality, such as the aforementioned Smart Connector and dual camera.

The Pro model was believed to come with a 5.7-inch display, and some people claimed it was likely to replace the Plus version while others indicated that it would only extend the lineup and be offered alongside the Plus. On the other hand, we’re hearing that the Pro model would launch in 2017 if it ever makes the cut.

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