Lets Talk About: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Variant with 6GB of RAM

Guess many of us have already started enjoying our new Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Please pay attention to the latest news coming from their desk. Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 7 with 4GB of RAM earlier this month, and some rumors have suggested that a variant with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage could launch in China. Now it seems that Samsung has confirmed such plans.

Samsung Mobile Chief Dj Koh has confirmed for Korea Herald that the company is planning to release a Galaxy Note 7 with increased memory and internal storage in China since local brands are more aggressive in marketing their products with high memory.

The executive could be referring to OnePlus 3, among other brands of smartphones. The device comes with 6GB of RAM, and Samsung could have trouble attracting consumers to a phone that only offers 4GB of RAM.

The release date of the Galaxy Note 7 has been delayed in multiple countries
The Chinese market is different to others since it has many smartphone manufacturers that are actively competing for the attention of consumers. Samsung's sales in the Chinese market have dropped for the past three years, so the company's reaction seems justifiable.

“We will accept diverse opinions from various regions and also consider whether that move will disappoint Korean consumers,” he has added. So there might be hope for other countries to see this variant as well.

Recent rumors have suggested that the Galaxy Note 7 with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage could cost about $900, which means that the price difference between the two phones is less than $100. The device would also sport the same specs as the initial model, except for RAM capacity and internal memory.

Aside from this, Samsung has delayed the release date in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Malaysia to September 9 and an unknown date for Malaysia. The Galaxy Note 7 has yet to be released, and it's already a success, considering that pre-orders for the smartphone have been double the ones for the Galaxy S7 in South Korea. Moreover, the company has recorded outstanding pre-orders for the device in Canada, with the Blue Coral variant being the most popular.
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