OnePlus 3 Survives Aerial Drop Test, And Charge Faster than the Galaxy S7: Lets Talk About It

I believe you must have being waiting for this very video just like me. Well as you already know OnePlus released its latest flagship a couple of months ago, and the smartphone really caught the attention of the market with its powerful specs and quite affordable price. It underwent multiple tests soon after its debut, but it seems that some have carried out even more creative experiments with the handset.

The first we're going to discuss is an aerial drop test. Yes, you've heard right, OnePlus 3 was dropped from an airplane, and it lived to tell the tale. OnePlus India has posted a video on YouTube with a OnePlus 3 unit being dropped from about 750 feet above Mimizan, France. The clip is available below for your viewing pleasure. CLICK HERE TO WATCH.

The whole affair was filmed, and surprisingly, the device survived. It fell on its screen but didn't record any scratches either on its display or back panel. What's more, the smartphone worked just as before the drop, and not even the camera was affected.

That's quite the performance, but note that the OnePlus 3 fell in a field of grass. However, if dropped on concrete, the result would have been different, obviously.

Dash Charge on OnePlus 3 is more efficient than fast charging on the Galaxy S7
Another test that the OnePlus 3 was subjected to regarded the Dash Charge on the handset. Since battery life is important to all smartphone owners, many manufacturers brag about the fast charging feature on some of their devices.
Well, OnePlus subjected the OnePlus 3 flagship killer to a test in order to compare the Dash Charge on its device with the Adaptive Charging feature on Samsung's Galaxy S7. The first challenge of the test was won by OnePlus 3, which managed to charge 64% of its battery in 30 minutes while the Galaxy S7's battery was charged to 50% in the same amount of time.

The second challenge regarded charging with the screen on, but the clock wasn't shown this time around. OnePlus 3 managed to charge 67% of the battery in the same amount of time that it took the Galaxy S7 to charge 23% of its battery. Both smartphones have a 3,000mAh battery, but it seems that OnePlus 3's Dash Charger is more efficient compared to the Galaxy S7.
The video also mentions that charge times may vary depending on phone configuration, settings, usage, and power source. 

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