Lets Talk About: Get $50 Gift Cards From Google When Pre-ordered The Pixel Phones

Any good marketing point is okay with Google so long as is going to keep the train moving. Well in-case you are not aware. Google is among the many companies that can't cope with the increased demand for its products. It happened with just about every Nexus smartphone released in the past, and it's happening with the Pixel/Pixel XL as well.

While the smartphones are still available for purchase, it usually takes a few weeks for a Pixel phone to reach its owner from the moment it was ordered. Apple has the same issue with the iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung had to gradually release the Galaxy Note 7 globally to handle the distribution of the phablet.
The good news is Google really wants to take care of its fans who already pre-orderd the Pixel/Pixel XL, but have yet to receive it. One particular customer posted on Reddit the message he got from Google saying that he's going to receive a $50 Google Play store credit since the company missed the delivery window.
Other customers who pre-ordered either of the two Pixel smartphones confirmed they were notified about the $50 gift card and the fact that it represents compensation for the missed delivery window.
It's unclear whether this offer is only available in the United States, but most of those who received the gift cards pre-ordered their Pixel phones directly from Google's Play store and the delivery window was missed by at least 1 day.
The $50 gift card is quite a lot for Google Play store where apps and games are usually free or much cheaper than iOS apps/games. Luckily, the $50 credit card applies to in-game purchases as well, which makes it even more valuable.

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