Lets Talk About: Google Adding Stranger Things Stickers To Allo, And Other New Themes to Arrive Soon


Not leaving any stone unturned Google has brought some substantial changes to its Allo 2.0 update, including app shortcuts for creating a conversation by tapping and holding the icon from the home screen. There’s also the option to quickly reply to messages from notifications, multi-window mode, and a new accessibility mode.

9to5Google has found out that the tech giant is also preparing to introduce new chat themes to Allo app. The themes were revealed when the application was installed on a rooted device.
With the 2.0 update to Allo, Google introduced a new “Monochrome” theme option in the General Settings screen. The option will allow users to enable all sort of upcoming Allo themes, but it’s unsure when they will be made available to all users, as they seem to be expecting a server-side rollout.
Nevertheless, the upcoming themes come in a variety of colors, including different shades of blue, yellow, pink and white.
The application will suggest users to pick a theme every time they start a new conversation, which means that each conversation can have a different background color. Themes can be changed at any time from the menu.
Chat bubbles have different colors depending on the selected theme and there are even some themes with cute stickers in the background. Speaking of stickers, Google also introduced a new sticker pack that makes reference to the Stranger Things TV series.
The release is meant to coincide with the Halloween season and some of the stickers do include mild spoilers, so users that haven’t seen the show yet, should definitely avoid them.

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