Lets Talk About: Huawei Prepared High-End Windows 10 Laptops For Early 2017

Indeed going to one year and some months now the Windows 10 device ecosystem is growing with more high-end devices, and now Huawei is the company that’s looking to benefit from the increasing demand for such models.

The company is believed to be so pleased with the success of the first-generation MateBook 2-in-1 device that it’s already preparing the unveiling of the second model, and according to a report from DigiTimes, this could take place in the first quarter of 2017.
The new MateBook models will come in two different configurations, with 13.3-inch and 15.6-inch displays, and will be powered by Intel Core i-series processors, the source says.
Coincidentally or not, Microsoft is also planning to take the wraps off the new Windows 10 Redstone 2 update in the first months of 2017, so Huawei might be trying to align the release of the new models with the debut of the Windows 10 update. This means that the new MateBooks could come with Redstone 2 pre-installed, but even if they don’t, the update will still be available anyway.
Huawei could become a direct Microsoft Surface rival
Furthermore, Microsoft is also planning its own share of hardware launches in the first months of 2017, and it’s believed that the Surface Pro 5 and the Surface Book 2 are likely to be included in this device update cycle.
The first-generation Huawei MateBook was indeed a pretty compelling product and came with Intel m3 and m5 processors, up to 8 GB RAM, and 512 GB SSD storage. The first model featured a 12-inch full HD IPS screen with a resolution of 2160x1440 pixels and touch support and was running Windows 10.
Without a doubt, the second generation will feature powerful hardware too, and given the fact that Huawei is already planning the switch to i processors, they might become direct competitors to Surface Pro models. Huawei is already offering good value for the money, so the new models will certainly be worth a look at.

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