Lets Talk About: Android Users To Enjoy Best Of Selfies Dedicated App From Microsoft


To make sure you are happy and satisfied. Microsoft has just launched its Selfie app on Android, after previously offering it on iOS, as it plans to conquer rival mobile platforms with its own apps and services. Microsoft Selfie is essentially an application whose purpose is to enhance the quality
of a selfie, but what it does is basically apply some filters and then let you compare the original and the “Photoshopped” version.

The software giant says the way the app works is based on information collected from the original photo, such as gender, skin tone, lightning, and age, so the end result can be substantially improved. This means that different settings will be suggested from one photo to another with the help of algorithms that Microsoft promises to be very accurate.
The application is not at all difficult to use and it actually boasts an UI that’s very simple and straightforward, so you’re not going to spend too much time figuring out which feature is which. Additionally, it’s completely free of charge, so you can always install it on your phone to see what it’s up to.
For the moment, Windows Phone users do not have a Selfie app (although a Lumia Selfie is already offered), but Microsoft might be releasing it at some point given the fact that it’s already offered to iOS and Android devices. If you want to download it on your Android phone, you can get the Selfie APK here.

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