Lets Talk About: Download Now AMD Rolls Out Crimson Graphics Driver 16.11.3 Hotfix


To make sure they keep to their words AMD has made available a new version of its Radeon Crimson Edition Graphics driver, namely 16.11.3 hotfix, which implements support for the Dishonored 2 title and makes sure Steam and Origin won’t crash when using AMD X-Connect Technology on battery-powered devices.

In terms of compatibility, besides the supported GPU list highlighted in the Release Notes below, take into account that your configuration must be running a 32- or 64-bit variant of Microsoft’s Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 operating system (there is a specific file available for each combination).
With this in mind, if you intend to upgrade to this version, it would be a good idea to uninstall any previous version already present on your computer, and perform a reboot. Doing so will lower the chances of encountering various compatibility issues.
Once completed, simply save and run the downloadable executable suitable for your configuration and follow all instructions displayed on the screen for a complete and successful upgrade.
As for recommendations, do not interrupt the process in any way, as this can lead to various malfunctions. Also, once completed, it would be a good idea to reboot your system to allow all changes to take effect properly.
Therefore, if you consider applying this release, download AMD Radeon Crimson Graphics Driver 16.11.3 Hotfix, install it and perform a reboot once finished. Also, check back with us to stay “updated one minute ago.”

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