Lets Talk About: With $3,000 You Can Grab Trump Gold-Plated iPhone 7 Edition

Believe me though As ridiculous as it may sound, there's a company that makes gold-plated iPhones with figures of personalities etched on the back side. Caviar is a Russian-Italian company that specializes in luxury phones made from precious materials.

Among the company's most recent achievements is the “Putin iPhone,” a smartphone that costs no less than $3,225. There are different versions of the Putin iPhone available at Caviar, so depending on which one you want, you can end up paying even more.
Taking advantage of the ruckus created by the recent presidential elections in the United States, Caviar had the idea of launching a “Trump iPhone.”
For those who voted with the current president-elect Donald Trump, this might seem like a great idea, but since the U.S. is now pretty much divided between Trump and Clinton supporters, it's hard to tell if such a phone will appeal to a large audience.
The “Trump iPhone” is basically a gold-plated iPhone 7, which comes in three variations: 32GB, 128GB and 256GB. The cheapest of the three costs around $3,000, while the most expensive is no less than $3,500.
Obviously, you'll be paying for the gold coating on the device rather than the components inside, but hey, you'll be able to carry Donald Trump with you all the time anywhere you go. Let's not forget that the phone features Trump's “Make America Great Again” moto on the back as well.
According to Caviar, the “Trump iPhone” is “an expression of hope for the rapprochement between Russia the United States and that the benevolent words Trump said about Russia will be followed by actions that will lead to a change in relation between these two great powers.”
No word on when this gold-plated will ship yet, but if you want to order one you'll probably find out easily, if you can afford it of course.

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