Lets Talk About Best Third Snapchat Clone Facebook Launches Flash App for Emerging Markets

Well if you ask me honestly Not sure where to file the following news, but Facebook has just launched its third Snapchat-like application. Unlike the previous two, the new one, which is called Flash, is aimed at emerging markets.

Facebook Flash should be available in regions where smartphone users don't benefit from wide coverage or mobile data is too expensive for them. Facebook Flash is attempting to bring better features than its Slingshot and Poke predecessors.
Since Facebook has a hard time competing with Snapchat in well-developed markets where mobile data costs and coverage is not an issue, it decided to launch Flash in emerging markets in the hope that the application will gain lots of fans.
In comparison, Snapchat has more than 60 million daily users in North America alone, so it's hard to believe that another clone would be able to gain any traction in this market, even if it brings slightly better features.
For the time being, Facebook Flash is only available in Brazil, and there's no telling when and where it will be available next.
We believe that Facebook wants to test the success of the app before going all out with it in other emerging markets. Obviously, that requires time, which is why the company did not want to reveal its future plans regarding Flash.
Since it's aimed at emerging markets, we don't believe that Flash will arrive on the iOS platform, so if you live in Brazil, you'll only be able to get the Android app.
Is Facebook Flash going to gain enough traction in these emerging markets where the social network giant plans to launch it? Or is it doomed to fail just like the other two Snapchat clones it launched in the past? Only time will tell.
In the meantime, if you don't live in Brazil, but still want to give Facebook Flash a try, we have the APK file ready for you, so go ahead and check it out.

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