Lets Talk About: Make Video Calls And Send GIFs Via WhatsApp now


Finally the much awaited app is out. WhatsApp has released an update that allows users of devices running iOS and Android to make video calls. Users can access the new feature, rolled out in updates on Wednesday, by first clicking on another user’s profile picture and then on the
video camera icon to place a video call to that user. Voice calls are also still available.
In addition, iPhone users can also now send animated images in the GIF format by simply accessing their photo and video libraries and clicking on the “GIF” dialogue box to begin editing the footage. They can also send photo GIFs by choosing the “Select as GIF” option once the photo is chosen. The GIF feature is expected to be rolled out on Android devices soon.
As reported by kompas.com, the quality of audio and video on video calls is adequate, though it does depend on the strength of the data connection being used. 
The video call feature can only be used between two individuals so far, unlike Skype, which allows conference video calls.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has stated that video calls were a top priority to improve user interactivity in WhatsApp. With the new feature now being available, he said WhatsApp would be able to compete with Google Duo, Skype, Line and WeChat. (fmn/kes).

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