Lets Talk About: Microsoft Says Windows 10 Mobile Will Also Get 3D Paint App


This is what i call great news. Well one of the essential additions to Windows 10 that Microsoft is planning with the upcoming Creators Update is the 3D Paint app, a makeover of the original Paint tool that comes with innovative features putting 3D at the core of everything.

And while it all sounds very exciting for Windows 10 users, the existing version that users can already download on Windows 10 Creators Update preview builds is only available for PCs, with Microsoft remaining tight-lipped on chances to get it on mobile devices as well
Until today, that is, as Windows Insider boss Dona Sarkar has just confirmed that 3D Paint is also making its way to mobile devices sometime in the future.
Dona says in a tweet that the app is still in alpha stage, which means that it’s currently in its early days on mobile, but if everything goes well, insiders might receive a preview version in an upcoming RS2 build.
Windows phone with a pen?
There’s no doubt that an app like Paint 3D really makes sense on a smartphone, but on the other hand, it also raises more questions as to what Microsoft is planning for its mobile strategy.
Paint 3D is used best with a pen and all the demos that Microsoft showed in the last few days put the Surface Pen in the spotlight, so it’ll be interesting to watch how the company plans to promote the mobile version of the app given the fact that no Lumia comes with such an accessory.
On the other hand, a mobile version of Paint 3D gives hope that Microsoft is still planning a mobile phone with a stylus and it goes without saying that everyone’s thinking of the Surface Phone, which could see daylight in early 2017.
Everything could work out very well for the company, as Microsoft could sync the debut of its new phone with the official unveiling of the Paint 3D app for mobile, all supposed to take place with the Creators Update release in early 2017.

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