Lets Talk About: Why LG V20 First Gets Released In The U.S., And Where You Can Get One

As you know the LG V20, the world's first smartphone to ship with Android 7.0 Nougat right out of the box, was initially launched in South Korea, but beginning this week it's widely available in the United States through all major carriers and retailers across the country.

All U.S. carriers offered incentives to those who pre-ordered the V20, but some might extend these promotional offers for a few more days, so read on to find out whether you'll be able to grab some freebies with the V20's purchase.
Major carrier AT&T is now offering the LG V20 for $829 outright, but customers can also get it for free on AT&T Next for $27.67 monthly for 30 months, as well as $34.59 monthly for 24 months. If you order from AT&T you will receive the H3 by B&O Play headphones for free and $200 if you trade-in.
If you buy the LG V20 on AT&T Next, you could also get up to $695 in monthly bill credits. Last but not least, AT&T offers customers who purchase either the LG G5 or the V20, a free LG G Pad X 10.1 for free on a 2-year agreement. AT&T has both the Titan Black and Silver versions available for purchase, but it will only ship the items between November 2-4.
Sprint has the LG V20 up for grabs for $792 off contract, but there are plenty of other options to choose from as well. For example, customers can buy the V20 for $175 upfront and $25.71 monthly payments for 24 months. There's also the option to pay $175 upfront and just $17.38 monthly for 24 months, but you will have to trade in.
Also, if you don't mind signing up for a long-term contract, the V20 is available at Sprint for $349.99 after mail-in rebate, but with a 2-year agreement. No matter what option you choose, you will be offered the Bang & Olufsen H3 earphones, and $200 trade-in credit if you choose that option. Sprint only offers the Titan Black color for the time being, but the phone will ship immediately.
T-Mobile has a special offer for those who order the LG V20, as the carrier bundles a pair of H3 by B&O Play premium earphones in the package. They're the same as those offered by the other carriers. If you want to pay the full price for the LG V20, you will have to come up with $769.99 upfront.
Otherwise, you can get the V20 from T-Mobile for as low as $49.99 down and $30 monthly for 24 months. The Magenta carrier offers the Titan Black version only.
At U.S. Cellular, customers can buy the LG V20 for $699.99 on prepaid. The carrier also offers additional options, so you could get the phone for free on $32.40 monthly payments for 20 months, $27 monthly payments for 24 months, or $21.60 monthly payments for 30 months.
For any of the options mentioned, customers will receive a $100 U.S. Cellular promo card, plus a pair of B&O Play earphones for free. U.S. Cellular only sells the Titan Black color.
Verizon is now selling the LG V20 for $672 outright or 0$ down on $28 monthly payments for 24 months. Customers who purchase the LG V20 can also get an LG Stylo 2 V for just $1 monthly payments for 24 months, as well as a pair of free B&O Play earphones. Verizon has both the Silver and Titan Black colors in stock.
If carrier-bound phones are not your cup of tea, you'll be pleased to know that at least two major retailers will sell the LG V20 in the United States.
B&H has already listed the Titan Black version of LG V20 on its webstore. Those who want to purchase it will be able to do so for $799.99. The good news is the retailer also offers the H3 by B&O Play earphones and the LG G Pad 7.0 8GB tablet for free. On the downside, the V20 won't ship until the beginning of November.
Another U.S. retailer, Newegg has the LG V20 up for pre-order for the same $799.99 amount. There are plenty of freebies that you can get by ordering from Newegg, including the free H3 by B&O Play earphones, an LG G Pad tablet, and the Orico Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Power Bank.
These freebies might only be available until November 20. It's also worth mentioning that Newegg won't stock the LG V20 until November 11, and that only applies for the Titan Black color. If you want the Silver version, you'll have to wait until November 24.
So, there you have it folks, there are plenty of sellers to choose from, we're just happy to list them all for you, so you can decide faster.

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